Here at FemPeak, we offer two ways to learn online; through courses or workshops. The difference between the two is explained below and the topics can range anywhere from starting a career in tech, to building a business, to women’s health and everything in between.


The objective of the workshops is to have current information that people can refer to; for example, the latest information on taxes or how the state of Wall Street is changing, how Brexit will affect import and export duty or which of the most recent softwares is best for managing your business. It’s important that these workshops are designed for women and with women in mind to help them overcome unique challenges that they may face. These topics will be more time sensitive and current so that they can be used immediately. An example of a workshop could be career opportunities for women in cybersecurity.



For our courses, we are looking for people who are able to create unique content designed for women to help them progress in their journey in business and technology. Material that lends itself well to a course format, is ideally, content that is overarching and evergreen. For more time-sensitive content, especially in fast moving topics, we’ve designed our workshops.