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The world order is changing, and a new paradigm is emerging. Technology disrupts human civilisation once again, and we are quickly moving towards the singularity where all socio-economic archetypes will break down.
Many people are afraid of change, but not us! FemPeakers are a different breed, and our NFTs celebrate them. FemPeakers represent visionary individuals interested in Science, Technology, Macroeconomy and Philosophy.


The FemPeakers concept is inspired by our founder Somi Arian's love of Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and his idea of the Ubermensch (an individual who is constantly evolving, reinventing themselves, and self-overcoming). An Ubermensch is precisely what we all need to become as we enter the second quarter of the 21st century and embrace the accelerated pace of Technology.
So why are we calling this NFT collection FemPeakers? Well, because this movement is spearheaded by women and for everyone! We think it's time to see women in the driving seat and not just for other women but the whole world.

Did you know that a woman deeply inspired philosopher Nietzsche himself? Her name was Lou Andreas-Salomé, and she was also an inspiration to other important figures of her time, including Sigmund Freud and German poet Rainer Maria Rilke.

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Art Work

The FemPeakers artwork is based on a picture of our Founder Somi Arian when she was in a metal band, also a nod to Nietzsche's love of music. He famously said, "Without music, life would be a mistake".
The images are regenerated to represent women of all backgrounds. The 10K PFP collection is set against the backdrop of the planets from our solar system, a nod to another influential person in Somi's thinking about the future of humanity. That is none other than Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, looking to take humanity beyond Earth.
The images have been digitally drawn by FemPeak's in-house artist, the super talented Bruna Ventura, who has been working with Somi since 2020.

Road Map

Our founder Somi Arian began her journey with a passion for making science and technology more inclusive. In 2018 Somi released her multi-award-winning documentary, "The Millennial Disruption", featuring industry leaders from The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, JLR, and Gary Vaynerchuk, to name a few. The documentary was followed by Somi's book on the future of work, “Career Fear (and how to beat it), where she observed the severe lack of women in leadership in Business and Technology. So, she set out to do something about this.

Somi launched FemPeak as a Think Tank for Women in Business and Technology in August 2020. With her "I have a Dream" video on LinkedIn. The Think Tank consisted of four big virtual conferences with thousands of attendees and close to a hundred panellists including the Managing Director of Marie Claire, CEO of Bentley Motors, and thought leaders from Google, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley. We wanted to know why women were absent in the top tier of business and Technology.

In March 2021 we launched the FemPeak platform, where we provide our members with live mentorship and on-demand sessions on Career Development and Entrepreneurship, focusing on Business and Technology. In October 2021, we launched our Premium membership, and from November 2021, we shifted our focus to Crypto, NFTs, DeFi, The Metaverse, DAOs, and all things Web3. We also began developing the artwork for our NFTs. Although this is currently the majority of our focus, we keep our pulse on what's coming next with Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and other exciting emerging technologies and how they will change the business landscape.

In February 2022 we opened our membership to people of all genders and backgrounds instead of just women. In particular, we saw so many men who wanted to be allies and support women's success. We could see that our members could benefit from having a broader network to interact with. More importantly, we want women to be leading all of society and not just other women. So, we now have members from all genders and backgrounds. We work closely with our members to curate the lessons and mentoring that we provide on FemPeak. We are essentially building a new kind of university for the age of the Metaverse.

In March 2022, we announced and revealed FemPeak's NFT collection and began shipping free airdrops to our premium members. We now have an official drop coming up for about 8000 remaining NFTs. You can enter a raffle to get on the 'allow-list'. Alternatively, you can become a premium member to secure your free airdrop before the official drop. Premium members will also get a guaranteed spot to mint an additional free NFT. This initial NFT sale will go toward our continued effort to provide the most up to date educational content for our members as they continue to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of technological advancement.

We also have a follow-up collection coming named "Allies" that represents men, women, nonbinary, LGBT communities and people of all diverse backgrounds. This second collection will be open to those who own the original FemPeakers and represent our diverse allies who actively support women in their leadership. We want men, and people of all other genders and backgrounds to be part of this journey with us and benefit from the upside as our community grows. Together we embrace and celebrate the advancement of science and technology and make an impact on their direction.

As we continue to expand our network of individuals who love to have fun with NFTs while learning and staying ahead in science, emerging technologies, and macroeconomy, we will be releasing other unique smaller collections. These will be inspired by scientists, philosophers, and even historical artists, some of whom are overlooked, such as astronomer Henrietta Leavitt and Philosopher Lou Andreas-Salomé. These additional drops will only be available to those who hold NFTs from the previous collections.

NFT holders will get reduced-price entry to IRL events and conferences where they can meet our founder, speakers and network, and special access to real-life and metaverse merchandise. Over time, we also plan to give away super unique opportunities to some of the NFT holders within our ecosystem to enjoy science, arts, and technology explorations, such as a visit to CERN, MIT, and stargazing experiences, and so much more.

Finally, as our network grows and we raise more capital, we aim to form a DAO through which we give away scholarships and invest in talented individuals from underserved communities with breakthrough ideas in Science and Technology. FemPeak is building a legacy brand inspired by a philosophical view of advancing intelligent life and supporting pioneers in this area. We see Web3 and the next generation of the internet as a gateway to democratising this process while financially empowering those who seek to build this future.

Teams & Advisors

Somi Arian
Somi Arian is FemPeak's Founder and CEO. Somi is a Tech Philosopher, Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker, Author, LinkedIn Top-Voice and TEDx Speaker. She describes her role in society as a transition architect as she aims to help humanity cope with the speed of technological evolution and be in a state of constant transition.
Joti Balani
Joti Balani is our CTO and oversees the technical developments. Joti is a Conversation AI Architect and has previously worked with Google, J&J and Lowes.
Juan Haedo
Juan Haedo is FemPeak's Blockchain and Smart Contract developer. He has also developed the Smart Contract for The Infinite Machine Movie Collection headed by Camila Russo of the Defiant.
Georgia Baker
Georgia Baker is our Scrum master. She started as a member at FemPeak, and she's gone on to make a real impact with her excellent work.
Bruna Ventura
Bruna Ventura is the FemPeakers' illustrator and artist. Bruna is also a talented video creator and heads up FemPeak's video content creation.
Gillian Epp
Gillian Epp is a former professional poker player and Twitch creator. She is FemPeak's Head of Events and looks after our Discord server.
Sade Fernandez
Sade Fernandez is our Head of Social Media and Customer Success. She brings with her vast knowledge and experience, having worked with KPMG, among other organisations.
Calley Bliss
Calley Bliss is FemPeak's Head of Partnerships and works closely with companies looking to purchase a FemPeak membership for their team members who sponsor our events or Somi's podcast.
Patrycja Lisowska
Patrycja Lisowska is FemPeak’s super talented content creator. She edits Somi's YouTube videos and creates the event promo snippets.
Lola Ortiz
Lola Ortiz Somi's right hand and confidante, Lola has been working with Somi as her Executive Director since 2018.
Sara Seager
Professor Sara Seager is an advisor to FemPeak. An astronomer and planetary scientist at MIT, Sara is known for her work on extrasolar planets and their atmospheres and has authored three books.
Paul Price
Paul Price is an advisor to FemPeak, founder and CEO of Haven Green Capital Partners and he was formerly Global Head of Sales and Distribution for Morgan Stanley Investment Management.
We also have an overseas team of Web2 developers and a support team constantly building new features and improvements on the platform.

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