Featured Guests
Laura Shin
Tim Beiko
Camilla Russo
Stephen Livera
Travis Kling

#53 - Tara Annison - Round 2 - Bitcoin 2022: News, Updates & Catch-Up

#52 - A Conversation with Moonbirds Mods on Inclusivity in the NFT Space

#51 - Adam Levy: Navigating the NFT Space Like a Poker Player

#50 - Abigail Bryant Spolar: How Crypto is Reshaping Finance in the Digital Age

#49 - Sadie Raney: Launching a Successful Tech-Startup with a Non-Tech Background

#48 - Anja Leissner: Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur & the Power of Listening to Your Body

#47 - Rebecca Krauthamer: Quantum Computing: The Risks, Challenges & Possibilities

#46 - Pamela Norton: Wallet is the New Purse: Why Cryptocurrency is the Future of Money for Women

#45 - Katharine Wooller: Womens’ Stance in Crypto & the Regulatory Backing of Digital Finance

#44 - Laura Shin: How Crypto and Blockchain Culture is Shaping the Future

#43 - Camila Russo: Crypto & NFTs: The BIG Opportunity to Close the Gender Wealth Gap

#42 - Terri Duhon: Women in Finance 💸 What Does it Take to Get to the Top Tier?

#41 - Shira Stember: Keeping Your Data Safe in the Era of NFTs & Ownership Apotheosis

#40 - Tara Annison: Blockchain, Crypto and Web3, What’s the Hype About?

#39 - Matt Tuck: Diversity, Blockchain, and the Future of the Financial Sector

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